Short Bio

Cassie DeWitt works to help cities and public-orientated institutions solve business challenges through data and technology. Her work combines a utilization of data strategy, analytics, and current and emerging technology. Initially trained as an urban planner, she contributes a democratization of data and technology to her work. Her current passions include solutions for cities, people and urban mobility.

At the City of New York, she fills the role of a GIS Specialist–where she uses mapping to solve problems during incidents such as hurricanes and public health emergencies. When the EOC is not activated, she works on the GIS team on special projects and the filling of mapping requests.

At Ford Motor Company, she led and project managed the implementation of data analytics and visualization platform for a mobility pilot. In addition, she tutored data scientists on geospatial analysis techniques.

For her work with the Detroit Fire Department, she has been recognized by the American Statistical Association and as a member of LinkedIn’s Top Ten Most Innovative Government Practitioners. During Ms. DeWitt’s tenure in Mayor Duggan’s Administration, she served as the Detroit Fire Department’s first data scientist. Implementing a tri-fold analytics program that combined intelligence, operational, and geospatial data science, her role led to improved response times, spatial reallocation of apparatus, implementation of machine learning software, and creation of data-driven culture.

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